June 7-12, 2015 | Hotel Shattuck Plaza, Berkeley
2086 Allston Way,  Berkeley, California, USA

R E G I S T R A T I O N 

Download Presentations

Dear SCINT 2015 Attendee:

We are pleased to say that you may now download presentations made at SCINT 2015, provided that the author has given their permission. To download the presentations, please follow the Instructions Sent to Attendees.

Why Are Some Presentations Missing?

If the presentation that you are interested in is not on the site, it means that the presenter has not given us permission to post their work. If you are a presenter, your presentation is not on the site, and you would like to allow your presentation to be downloaded, please send us an email. We will then send you the necessary permission form (which you must email back to us).

Poster vs. Mini-Oral Presentations

Many poster presenters also presented a mini-oral. Sometime we have a copy of their mini-oral presentation, sometimes we have a copy of their poster, and sometimes we have both. We post whatever we have (assuming we have their permission) - the file names for all mini-oral presentations begin with an M and the file names for all poster presentations begin with a P. If you wish to make a copy of your poster available for download, please email it to us.

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