June 7-12, 2015 | Hotel Shattuck Plaza, Berkeley
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Your Choice of Wine Country or Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge

There is something about wineries and the country of vineyards that rejoices the heart of man as well. Enjoy a feast for both eyes and palate with our tour of the wine country of Sonoma and Napa Valleys. An hour's drive through some of northern California's loveliest countryside will take us to the sites of our tours.

Artesa Winery

Set high into a hilltop with panoramic views of Napa Valley, San Francisco Bay and its own estate vineyards, it's easy to see why Artesa is called the Jewel of Carneros.

Owned by the Raventos family of Spain, whose winemaking history dates to the mid-sixteenth century, the winery takes its name from the Catalan word for "handcrafted." Today, Artesa focuses on producing small, ultra-premium lots of the varietals for which the Carneros and the Napa Valley are best known - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Perhaps no other winery captures the multi-faceted beauty of this windswept, world-famous appellation as dramatically as the Artesa estate, where the fusion of architecture, artistry and winegrowing reaches soaring heights.

With architecture that captures a series of Mediterranean themes, including water flowing along narrow channels, audible and silent fountains and the interplay of light and shade, Artesa is a reflection of the proud Spanish heritage upon which it was founded.


Attendance is limited: first come, first served. In Napa valley, you are sure to experience warm weather with temperatures ranging from 80 to 90 F (27-32 C).


Photo courtesy Artesa

Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge

Spartan surroundings tantalizingly near great beauty. Unsparing discipline. Cold water and fast current awaiting anybody who made it over the wall alive. The slamming of a barred steel door. The very name Alcatraz can still evoke dread. Inmates sent there had been deemed too dangerous and disruptive for other Federal penitentiaries. You, though, will see it a different way: with a gourmet box lunch aboard a luxury motor coach, a ferry ride from San Francisco to the island, and an expertly guided walking tour. There's far more to this tour than crime and punishment.

Alcatraz has rich natural and human history from before and after its infamous though brief service (1934-1963) as a prison for the worst of the worst. And, at least when you're on the law-abiding side of its walls, the Bay views can be outstanding.

"The Rock." You've seen it on the big and small screen and heard its legends; now experience it.

With time off for good behavior, you'll be out of Alcatraz within two hours or so. The other half of the afternoon gets you up close to the signature attraction of a city that has many candidates for that honor: the Golden Gate Bridge. Both its beauty and its engineering audacity are as impressive now as when it as completed 75 years ago. At the Visitors Center, you'll learn how it was built, and then you can walk out onto the span, 200 feet above San Francisco Bay.

Attendance is limited: first come, first served. We will organize into two groups; one will go first to Alcatraz, the other first to the Golden Gate Bridge.

 Note: Even on a mid-June afternoon, San Francisco weather can be capricious, variable by neighborhood, and cooler than tourists usually expect. Alcatraz is more likely to be cool and foggy than The City itself. Rain is unlikely, but daytime high temperatures might be as low as 45-50° F, or 7-10° C, on parts of this tour. Locals master the art of "layering" (and take the weather forecast to be merely the centroid of a seasonal parameter space). Check the forecast on Tuesday to see if having a light sweater or windbreaker with you would be prudent.


Golden Gate Bridge at sunsetGolden Gate Bridge



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